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Insurance or Financing Survey
Pre-Purchase Survey This is very much the same as a Pre-Purchase Survey, but not nearly so comprehensive. For this type of inspection it is only necessary for the surveyor to determine that the vessel still has the same structural integrity as when new and that all of the vessel's systems meet safety standards and regulations. The standards and regulations used are from the US Codes of Federal Regulation, the National Fire Protection Association standards and the standards and recommended practices for small craft of the American Boat and Yacht Council.

This type of survey may be conducted with the vessel lying afloat or dry-docked. That determination is made by the underwriter and is usually tied to the age of the vessel. The older a vessel is, the more likely the underwriter may request an out-of-water inspection. In this type of survey there is no sea trial and the machinery will not be operated unless the owner or his representative is on hand to demonstrate the machinery. The surveyor will not operate a main or propulsion engine and will not operate any powerful onboard electrical motors, such as an anchor windlass, bow thruster or generator.

An Insurance Survey is sometimes called a "Risk Assessment" survey. The survey report will contain a list of Findings and Recommendations that the vessel's owner will need to address. These findings are arranged into three categories: Safety Deficiencies, Deficiencies Requiring Immediate Attention and Other Observations. Safety deficiencies need to be addressed immediately and usually include shortcomings that can earn the vessel's owner a citation as well as being a safety deficiency. Immediate needs also need to be properly addressed and include items where the vessel is in violation of a Code of Federal Regulation or any standard that may present the potential for fire, sinking or loss of navigation control. Other observations are items that are not necessarily covered by a standard, rule or law, but addressing these deficiencies will generally improve the maintenance or utility of the vessel.

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