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Damage Surveys
Damage Surveys are generally conducted at the request of a licensed Claims Adjuster or Underwriter working for the insurance carrier that has the yacht policy coverage. Sometimes a Damage Survey is conducted at the request of the Insured, when they wish to be certain the vessel is fully restored to a Pre-Loss Condition, or when they may take exception to the insurance company’s adjuster’s opinion.

The job of the marine surveyor is to determine the Cause, Nature and Extent of damages alleged to have occurred as the result of an accident. The surveyor will interview witnesses, take statements of witnesses and document the statement of the insured. After an inspection of the damaged vessel, the marine surveyor submits his/her findings, photographs and other documentation to the Claims Adjuster. The Adjuster applies the terms of the Policy and determines the amount of the claim to be paid, if any.

The Marine Surveyor has no part in the settlement of insurance claims. His/her sole duty is to investigate and report the Cause, Nature and Extent of the damages, to review repair estimates and be certain they are properly in line with the local market. The job of an insurance company is to pay claims. The job of the marine surveyor is to help them do their job intelligently.

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