Marine Surveys by Acker Marine Survey Co., Dewey Acker SAMS® AMS®, Marathon, Florida, USA Acker Marine Survey Co.
Thirty Years Of Integrity
Marathon Florida
Serving The Florida Keys
From Key West to Key Largo

Anthony Acker, SAMS® SA
ABYC Standards Certified Technician

Principal Marine Surveyor
Dewey Acker, SAMS® AMS® - RET,
Senior Marine Consultant

SAMS SAMS - The Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors
Dewey Acker: Accredited Marine Surveyor Status Since 1989 - Retired
Anthony Acker: Surveyor Associate
ABYC ABYC - American Boat and Yacht Council
Anthony Acker: ABYC Standards Certified Technician
IAMI IAMI - International Association of Marine Investigators
Anthony Acker: Member in good standing
Dewey Acker: Member in good standing
Boatpokers Email Forum Boatpokers - Email Forum for SAMS® Members
Florida Keys Surveyor's Guild The Florida Keys Surveyor's Guild

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